24 Hour Fitness runs out clock on cancellation request

Twenty-three year-old Hanna doesn’t like to complain about her food to servers. She doesn’t like any kind of confrontation. So when she was kept on hold for over an hour by 24-Fitness Center when she called to cancel her fitness membership, she finally gave in when they insisted she accept their 30-day free month. 

She said she agreed so she could get off the phone from them.

She believed that her cancellation request would go into effect at the end of that 30-day period.

A year later, she still gets billed every month by 24-Hour Fitness.

Turns out they didn’t cancel the membership as she had asked.

She had no appetite or time for calling back, knowing the agent at the other end of the line would once again use high pressure tactics to keep her on the phone and block the cancellation.

A Google search and a deep scour of the 24-Hour Fitness website turns up only cancellation instructions to call or go in person to a local 24-Hour Fitness store – more opportunities for 24-Hour Fitness to use their high pressure sales skills on their targets.

The instructions also say you can submit your cancellation in writing, but there isn’t a specific address listed where to mail cancellation requests. 

It’s clear 24-Hour Fitness wants to keep your membership 24-7, 365 days a year indefinitely.

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